Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Late Night With My Four Favorite Kiddos

My sister Ashley and her husband McKay had to take
a quick day trip to Vegas for a job interview.
I was lucky enough to stay with the kids from the time I got off work until about 1 am.
The afternoon/evening went something like this:

Carter's swimming lessons
Pizza for dinner
(They wanted spaghetti instead, but I'm not a fan.
Silly kids)
Baths and chores and reading
A movie (Hook!!)
Bed time

Now to elaborate a little bit:
The two younger kids fell asleep early on and I moved them to their beds
(Carter is three and Sammy is one)
We came to the part in Hook where Peter is remembering being a baby.
He remembers his carriage rolling away
and falling out of it in the rain. Then Tink saves him.
It always ripped my heart out when I was little to see that
baby crying and being rained on.
Right at this part, I hear a substantial sniff.
I look over at Gabriel (6) to see big crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks.
He's such a sweet heart. When he saw me look at him,
he wiped his tears and said, "It's just a really sad part."
I agreed. Such a precious little boy.

After the movie Gabe and Madelyn went to bed,
but not before
a drink of milk, a hug and kiss,
and a good old fashion tucking-in.

I settled on the couch, planning on sleeping until 1
when the parentals returned.
10pm Boozer (my dog) throws up. I clean it up.
Back to sleep-- not so soundly
11:45pm Sammy cries. I rock him near his crib,
but he knows what I'm trying to do and isn't having it.
I went back to my couch bed and laid him on my chest.
He conks out.
12:15am I wake up and realize I should put Sammy in his bed
(but was sure loving holding him)
12:30am On the phone with Dave, and I see a small shadow standing over me.
"Amy, I need my backpack in bed with me."
(Carter has a very special backpack.
It contains priceless items like a plastic dagger,
marbles(his most favorite thing),
, etc. The zipper on his backpack broke,
so he did the obvious thing:
put that backpack inside of another backpack of course!)
I take the drowsy little one and his backpack to bed.
Carter's asleep before his head hits the pillow.
1:00 am Ashley and McKay return
1:45am home sweet home
2:15 am sleep sweet sleep

Am I tired today? That's a big, fat yes.
Would I do it over and over and over again?
That's a bigger, fatter yes.

Sammy (Spam, as I call him)

Gabe, Carter, Vovo, Sammy, and Madelyn

Softhearted Gabriel

Carter (aka Tank) and Mads

Carter, Aunt Emily, Gabe, and Mads

**Love these kids so freakin much!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Patriotic and Proud

I'm loving the Olympics!!
However, I haven't been glued to the TV 24/7 like so many people are these days.
Conveniently, I have an iphone app that has the
schedules, the medal count, the video highlights, etc.
(yes, there's an app for that)
So I've seen the good stuff! And by good stuff I mean:

Lindsey Vonn wins gold with a serious shin injury

The wrecks of Lindsey's competitors

Shaun White wins gold

Check it out!

I'm proud to be an American, and proud of all this country stands for and works for.
Let's hope it doesn't change so much that we can't recognize it any more as a
"nation under God . . . with liberty and justice for all.*"

I love this country and its noble history.
I love visiting Washington, D.C. and seeing all the work
that has gone in to building this country for centuries.
With all of the current political crises and
constant debate,it is so nice to take a step back
and see us as a TEAM-- all with the same goal.


*The English major in me insists I footnote my reference.
It's from the Pledge of Allegiance. I know you know that already

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentiversary!

You might be tired of reading Valentine's Day posts
(I'm not because I love them),
but if anyone is entitled to gush about Valentine's Day,
it's me. Because
it's my anniversary too!
My first anniversary!!

Our engagement picture

We had 3 days of Valentiversary, which was okay by me!

Friday we had dinner at Tiburon on Sandy.
It was incredible! Dave doesn't usually like "fine dining,"
because he'd rather have steak and potatoes
than duck with asparagus or whatever.
And he doesn't like paying a fortune for it either.
But we had a gift card from my boss,
so it was free!!!
Dave had bison, which was amazing,
and I had tri tip which was also fabulous.
He had an amazing crème brûlée,
which is really saying something.
We are crème brûlée connoisseurs!
Perfect evening

Saturday Dave came home with
two dozen long stem roses!

Then we "went camping" in our apartment.
This was my surprise for Dave.
I set up a tent in the living room and
we did camping activities:

(like in 1st grade where you throw the string over a sheet) for treats,
a bear hunt
by lantern light (a treasure hunt which ended with a bowl of gummi bears),
and s'mores and hot dogs
cooked over a small cooking stove.
It was as lame and cheesy as is sounds,
but it was also pretty fun and truly wonderful.
After camping, we went to dinner and a movie
with some good friends:
"Valentine's Day" and Tepanyaki.
That was a good time too.

Sunday, our actual Valentiversary
we didn't do much,
but that was the best part!
We watched TV from the tent
and had dinner at my parent's house.

It was an awesome weekend.
I'm so grateful for
my honey
for humoring me and my silly camping idea,
for treating me like a princess even when I don't deserve it,
for telling me I'm pretty when I look like garbage,
for always having my back even when I'm being unreasonable,
for opening my door always,
and for everything else he does
that I don't even notice anymore
because I've become accustomed to his
loving treatment

Our wedding day

I love you David.
You are my everything.
*I can't wait to spend many more Valentiversaries together*

Friday, February 12, 2010

So Blessed

I read a quote the other day that I can't stop thinking about:

Do not spoil what you have
by desiring what you have not;
remember that what you now have
was once among the things
you only hoped for. ~Epicurus

This is so true! How many years did I dream about finding the love of my life? After finding him, how long did I dream about being married to him? When I was out of work, how many mornings and nights did I pray that I'd find a job? In college when I was driving a 1985 Mazda 626 (hatchback), and stranded on the side of the road every other day in sub-zero Rexburg temps, how many times did I wish I could afford a REAL car? When I was away from home in New York and missing my family so much, how often did I wish to be near them-- just to see their faces and hear their voices?

And now, how often do I point out Dave's weaknesses? How often do I wish this or that was different about our relationship? How often do I complain about work or my nice car or my family driving me nuts? I often do I focus on what we don't have, rather than what we do?

I'm trying to change my perspective-- even my paradigm. I am so blessed. I have so much to be grateful for. I will not allow myself to take for granted all of the things I used to only dream of having.

*Happy Valentine's Day!*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poor Little Boozer!

Boozer just turned 3!! But his birthday wasn't exactly a party...

He has had problems with his ear for the last few months. I've been cleaning it regularly, but it wasn't getting any better. We finally broke down and took him to the vet yesterday. We were hoping we would just need an antibiotic or something, but it turned out to be a bigger deal. The vet couldn't even see what was causing the issue because of all the build up.

So I took him back to the vet at 7 this morning for a minor surgery. They had to sedate Booz to get his ear thoroughly cleaned (SO EXPENSIVE!). He did well, and they found a cut deep in his ear. We have to take him back next week for them to see if it's healing, or if it's something more serious like a tumor. Yikes.

When I picked him up from the vet, he was really woozy. They said he'd act drunk for awhile. And he did. Apparently he's a sad drunk. He cried all the way home. And when I was walking him to our apartment, he wandered off aimlessly. I kept calling him, but he just looked around all confused. I was carrying Mae because she runs off, so I couldn't get Booz. Dave had to call him. He finally clicked into reality, just for a second.

He's still really groggy. He was totally out of it while I bathed and blow dried him, which was nice. He's a sweet little guy. I hope the worst is over. We love him so much-- enough to pay the vet bill!

Friday, February 5, 2010

U of U fans, as Opposed to BYU Haters

My grandparents are U of U fans. President Monson is a U of U fan. Um, I think that's the complete list. Everyone else that cheers for the U is really just a BYU hater. Or an LDS church hater. And most of them are happy to admit it.

Don't hate. Just play. I know, it sucks for you people that BYU is so awesome at everything. Might as well come to terms with it. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." So come one over! We'd love to have you.
**Go Colts!**

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Know, I Know

Yes, I know it's February. Yes, I know it's 35 degrees outside. Yes, I know that's the high temp for the day. But I wore these shoes anyway. Because in my office, at my desk, with my heater on full blast, I'm pretending it's spring outside.

*i heart steve madden*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

McKay Choy Burrows

Most of you have probably heard about the passing of 2 LDS missionaries last week. The missionary from Utah, Elder Burrows, was from my stake. I didn't know him, but my little brother (who is currently on a mission in Austria/Germany) knew and loved him. My dad, as stake president, got to know McKay when interviewing him for a mission etc. And now my sister, who writes for the Herald in American Fork, has written a story on him:

Highland Missionary Remebered for Smile, Dedication

My heart goes out to this sweet boy's family. I pray for them every day (and cry every time I do). I know they can use your prayers for strength and comfort. Having a brother on a mission now gives me a little bit of insight as to how heart breaking that loss would be. But we try to always remember the Plan of Salvation, and the joy that comes with returning to our loving Heavenly Father. What a priceless knowledge that is.

Please pray for them.