Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Bummer

Like I mentioned in my last post, I just switched offices for my job. Same company, different location.

Well, today was our Halloween party and it sucked. I don't know anyone, no one knows me, and everyone looked at me like I was nuts for dressing up! Only like 5 people dressed up.

I thought my costume was fun and creative: I wore pajamas, slippers, had my hair done (Thanks Isabel!) in a cute up-do and a tiara, and wore a fuzzy sleep mask (on my forehead). I was "Sleeping Beauty." I thought it was cute but I guess not.

At LANDesk, the company I worked for a few years ago, Halloween was awesome! Everyone dressed up and had a good time. They had everyone bring in their kids for trick or treating and a costume contest.

So, today I feel like an idiot because no one clapped for me in the costume contest.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work Things

So, I still really like my job. It's been awesome so far. Today they are rolling out some changes, one of which involves me:

There are two buildings of Call Assistant employees. The buildings are about a mile apart, and we will all be moving to a bigger space in March. In the meantime, I have been moved to the other building. This isn't necessarily a bad thing-- or a good thing really. It's just a thing. I still support Nathan (by original boss), but now I help his boss (Mike) and everyone else that works for Mike (Ashley and Sapi- who are in building 2). So that adds 3 more people to the list of people I support.

Not only that, but my desk is the front desk of the 2nd building. I thought my front desk days were over!! Sigh...

Things I've learned about the new building:
  • It's cleaner
  • It's quieter
  • It's colder
  • It's closer to my apt (by about 12 seconds :))
  • It's next door to Little Ceasars (this will be the death of me... or at least the death of my waist line...)
  • It's lonelier
And so it is. I will make the most of building 2, and hopefully I'll make some friends soon. Then maybe it won't be so lonely.

Funny story: As I was setting up my desk, some guy, about 22 yrs old, walks up and asks who I am. I explained I'm Nathan's assistant, but there were people at this building that needed an admin too. He sits down next to my desk with his lunch and says, "Well this is where I always eat my lunch, so I guess I'll be bugging you a lot." It's quite obvious that he's hitting on me. Then, even after I explained my job, he said, "So you're the receptionist?" "No, I am an admin. I just happen to sit by the front door. I'm too old to be a receptionist." He laughed and asked how old I was. "27." "Oh, you are too old." Then he picked up his lunch and went to the break room. Awesome. Crisis averted!

On a better note, these are the shoes I'm wearing today:
"Carrie" by Guess

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

If you know me AT ALL,
you know I looooove shoes.
Especially heels.
But I pretty much love them all.
My cute friend Heidi has an awesome new blog
documenting her shoes!
I would absolutely recommended checking it out.
I love to see her shoe of the day!
She has like TWICE as many pairs of shoes as I do!!
So it's going to be quite a while
before she gets each one posted.
Her project has inspired me,
and I think I'm going to do the same thing.
I'll be documenting my shoe collection on FB
(as soon as we move into our apt
and I get to pull my babies out of storage!!).
Heidi, "The Shoeologist," is having a contest,
so be sure to check out her blog
for a chance to win some fabulous Nine West heels!

Happy drooling!!


Friday, October 1, 2010


It's true. I'm officially a Logan-ite (or Providence-ite to be specific). Dave is still in St. Louis, but he'll be back soon.

So here's the story:

I started applying for jobs, knowing it takes awhile to actually find a job and get hired. To my surprise, the day after emailing in my resume to a company in Logan, they called me for an interview. Since I was in St. Louis, we decided to do a webcam interview via Skype. The interview went really well, and they said they'd let me know on the following Monday or Tuesday. Well Monday comes and goes, Tuesday comes and goes, and no word from them. By Wednesday morning I'm sure I didn't get the job. I was sad about it all day, but came to terms with the fact that it just wasn't the right thing.

Wednesday night, just after midnight, I got an email saying they'd be sending me an official offer letter on Friday, but wanted to let me know I got the job. YAY!!!

So I had to come back from St. Louis sooner than we'd planned to start my new job. I flew home (with Maeby) and now poor Dave will have to drive back all alone (well, he'll have Boozer).

I found us a great apt in Providence and we're excited to get settled.

I have to give a shout-out to Amie and Sean Liston for letting me park my homeless butt at their place until Dave gets here and moves our furniture into our apt. I'm having so much fun staying there! I missed having friends. Their daughter Macy is such a doll and Maeby loves their little schnauzer Mercedes.

So, for now, life is good. Other than missing Dave (and Boozer) like crazy, things are just about perfect (knock on wood...). I'm loving my job. My boss, Nathan, is awesome. I asked him how I should keep track of my time (I'm a salaried employee for the first time) and he said, "Uh, in your heart...?" Sounds good to me!

My last job was a very hostile environment. I spent all day, everyday just waiting to get fired. This place is great. I just hope they're as happy with me as I am with them :)

Oh, P.S. The company is called Call Assistant. It's a call center (for a bunch of different companies including HSBC, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, APX, Pinnacle...), but I'm an Administrative Assistant. Back to a life of dress pants with heels and long sleeved T shirts :)