Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jobless. Good Timing.

NOT! I was just laid off. Due to "budget cut..." blah, blah, blah. Here's what's really sucky about it: I was working at the front desk at LANDesk. They hired a new Exec. and he moved me up to be his admin. Then got rid of me! After 3 months. Awesome. And I never got the raise promised me by LANDesk when I moved to be his admin! So I could STILL HAVE A JOB working at the front desk at least! For the same measley pay! I'm so bitter. Can you tell? No one will hire me and then give me a week and a half off for a honeymoon, so I'm just trying to get everything ready for the wedding. And constantly stressing about money. There's always something! I wend to pick up a prescription for Dave today and it cost $130!!! There's some stupid $100 deductable that has to be paid at the beginning of the year. I'm a mess. All I can do is pray. Cute dave keeps reminding me of that. "Where's your faith babe?" he keeps asking me. I left it in my desk at LANDesk.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shoes and Cake!

I found the most incredible shoes! they are Christian Louboutin and were designed in 2007. At that time, they cost almost $2000!! Unreal. Well, I did some digging and found them online for $150!! So these are my wedding shoes. They should arrive today. So anxious!!! They have black bows on the back and the bows have white on the inside. And all of Christian Louboutin's shoes have a red sole. Perfect!!

I'm having my cake done by a woman named Dawna Erickson. She's amazing! Her website is
After much deliberation, I chose this cake. it'll be White with black and there will be spaces between the layers for flowers-- mostly red flowers. It's going to be beautiful. I won't want to cut it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Drama of The Ring

Okay, so yesterday was a roller coaster in regards to my ring. Dave got a call from my cousin Heather, who we bought my ring from, (she and her husband own a jewelery store) saying my ring wouldn't be done until Feb 17th (We'd be in Hawaii by then) and it would cost $600 more than she told us it would. He called me not knowing what to do. We'd either have to get smaller bands than the ones I'd chosen to go with my wide band or pay the $600. Well money's tight (to say the least!) so I told her I'd take the smaller bands. Sad.

Later in the afternoon, Heather called me back to tell me she'd worked something out so that I could get the bigger bands for the smaller price! Just because she was sorry for the mix up! YAY!!! So I'm still sad that I might not have my ring for the wedding/ring ceremony, but she said she'd do everything she can to get it done before the 14th. Thanks Heather!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Blog!

I moved my blog here so that it's a Dave and Amy blog, not just an Amy blog (although my posts were all about Dave anyway!). I plan on posting all the fun info about our wedding, but it'll be little bits at a time. For starters, our reception will be at the ALPINE ART CENTER and we're getting married in the SALT LAKE TEMPLE. Our wedding date is Feb 14 (yes, Valentine's day). We didn't necessarily want to get married on Valentine's Day, we just wanted to get married the weekend before my brother Mike goes into the MTC. So our options were Friday the 13th (YUCK!) and Saturday the 14th-- Valentine's Day. We went with that for obvious reasons.

I posted about Dave's proposal on my other blog (amesflames.blogspot.com). I'll post about my dress, flowers, and cake this weekend. I put up the pic of our announcement again. Just because I love them. :)