Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog Slacker

Not much to report from Baltimore, but no news is good news. Work is going well for Dave. He started off strong, got into a bit of a slump, and has now picked up the pace again.

This morning we had a bit of a shock when Dave checked his bank account and saw that Pinnacle had deposited THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! It's obviously a mistake, but it was nice to look at for a minute. There's another Dave Jones that works for Pinnacle. We're wondering what that Dave did to get $13,000! We're doing fine, but not THAT fine! haha

My parents are flying in on Saturday-- my dad has business in DC (about 45 min from here). So we'll go to an Orioles game on Saturday and get some fresh crab at the harbor, and Sunday we thought we'd drive out to Gettysburg (about an hour away). Then on Sunday night I'll head to DC with my parents for a few days of culture at the Smithsonian with my mom. While the men-folk are working. Sorry Dave and Dad, but thanks for what you do to make it possible for me and mom to play!!

I don't know how much national coverage it got, but a couple of weeks ago a man shot up the Holocaust Museum. I was in DC headed to the temple when I heard the news. Such a scary thing, and I was only a couple of miles away. If any of you have been to the Holocaust Museum, you know it's enough to make anyone crazy. I left the museum after about 10 minutes. It was too painful. This man was an older gentleman filled with hate and anger. He killed a security guard and injured others. My mom and I will definitely avoid the Holocaust Museum, and hopefully we don't run into any other crazies!

I'm sure I'll have something to post about when I'm back from DC.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vovo's 90th Birthday and Wedding!

Kind of a long post, but lots of fun...

Many of you know I was in Utah a couple of weeks ago for my Vovo's 90th birthday celebration/family reunion/wedding. It was an eventful week!

The trip started out with a trip to see Justin, my favorite nail guy!! I've been going to him for almost 10 years (even when I lived in Rexburg! I went home every-other-weekend to get my nails done). I hate going to anyone else. I literally planned my trip around my nail appointment. I know, I'm ridiculous. But he really is that good!!

Next on the agenda was a "Girl's Trip" to Park City with my mom and sisters. We did LOT of shopping and had fun at the outlets, but I think the most fun shopping was on Main Street. There were lots of fun shops and some awesome deals! I got a beautiful black dress coat from a little boutique that was having a big sale. It was normally almost $300, I got it for $70!! Even though it was 80 degrees outside, I couldn't pass up the deal. Winter always comes back! Emily got a beautiful little dress there that was originally $100 for $25! And a hand made copper necklace to match that was originally $70 for $12!! She has great taste. I wonder where she got it!! We left happy :)

Then Gina, my sister-in-law, came up for an evening of sushi and pedicures- two of my very favorite things! It was a marvelous trip!!

We then headed up to my uncle's cabin (up past Daniel's Summit. I really have no idea where that is...). My mom has one brother (Dan) and one sister (Marlyn). Two of Dan's kids came and all of Marlyn's six kids came. There were about a million little kids running around, but it was a blast. My Vovo and her fiance Lorne were adorable.

When it came time for the wedding, she wanted everything to be just right. Because I used to do weddings at Thanksgiving Point, she wanted my opinion on everything. It was just funny because the wedding was held in a crowded family room with a bunch of little barefoot kids and people overflowing into the kitchen. A stuffed mountain lion, a moose head, and some stuffed geese looked down on the ceremony. Lol. Then she wanted me to show her the right way to cut the cake. there really is a technique to cutting an actual, tiered wedding cake, but her's was a sheet cake. Not much to it. I showed them how to hold the knife for pictures, but my Vovo didn't have the strength in her tiny arm to but through the cake. Lorne had to push down on her hand to get through it.

All in all it was a good trip. They were adorable. And although my dad tripped up his words during the marriage ceremony and said they were "illegally and lawfully wed," we think it

Vovo and Lorne. The night before the wedding we celebrated her 90th birthday

Her birthday gift. A quilt with one square for each family

Cute Gabe and Carter

I can't get enough of this kid!

Madelyn and Sammy. He's such a smiley baby! And at 5 months old, he says "Hi!"

I love my niece and nephews! Spending time with them was my favorite part of the trip!