Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mission Call

My baby brother just received his mission call!
How is that even possible?!
I still think of him as a 4 year old.
When I left for my mission
he was a cute little boy,
but when came home,
he had become a man.
Now he'll serve the Lord for 2 years in
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Then he'll really be a man.

Love you Danny!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Week of Work

You'd think that since I only have
4 and a half days of work left,
and then I'm done for the summer,
this week would be a breeze.
But it's not!
I can't handle it!
Not for one more minute!
Get me out of here!!

This tantrum will not end until Friday at 5pm.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had such a great weekend!

We went to the first session of
on Saturday morning
(bright and early!)
and sat right by where the general authorities
come out of the tunnel.
Dave had never sat in the "
good seats" before,
so he was
thrilled (not that I wasn't...).

President Monson came out right before
the first session started.
He stopped and pointed to a 16 or 17 yr old
a couple of rows in front of us
and said, "Are you going to go on a mission?"
The kid nodded, and President Monson said,
"Okay, good." With that, and a big smile,
he proceeded to his seat.
How sweet!

My aunt (Julie B. Beck) spoke in that session,
and gave an incredible talk
(she always does-- they all do).
I'm so blessed to have such an awesome family!

She's so awesome :)

The session was amazing.
I love watching Conference at home in my jammies,
but it's a very different experience being there.

((Now I'll skip over the part where I very literally had an
anxiety attack when we were trying to leave
because the traffic (mostly pedestrian traffic) was so bad.
I almost jumped out of my skin!))

When we got home and changed,
we saw the Easter Bunny had come! WooHoo!
Treats for the afternoon session of Conference!

I'm looking forward to the
Conference edition of the Ensign.
I love reading over the talks and
being uplifted all over again.
Our goal this year is to read the talks together
(Dave and me of course).

I'm so grateful to have a knowledge and appreciation
for the real meaning of Easter.
How grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ
and His sacrifice so that we may all return
to live with our Father in Heaven again.
What a miracle it was that Christ has
"broken the bands of death.*"
He rose from the tomb that we all might rise again.

"God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine Son.**"

*Book of Mormon,
Mosiah 16:7

**The Living Christ,
The Testimony of the Apostles,
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Hate April Fools' Day

(That's how my calendar says it's punctuated...)

I should have taken a sick day. I hate people messing with me. And I work with some really annoying pranksters. Is it too late to go home? I guess I should just buckle up! Boo.