Friday, August 28, 2009


First of all, sorry it's been so long (I say that like people are eager to read my worthless babblings...haha). I don't have a good excuse.

Life is good in Atlanta. We're really liking it. Work is going well for Dave, and I've been going out with him, so it's been fun to feel a little bit more useful and supportive. Also, my dad stopped in on his way to Huntsville Alabama, where he had business. He and I spent the day at Six Flags Over Georgia. It was HOT and crowded, but AWESOME!

There's a lot of fun stuff to do here. We LOVE going to Braves games. Dave wasn't really excited to go the first time. I practically dragged him there. But he ended up having a blast.

And a couple of weeks ago we went to the Coca Cola factory. That was so much fun!
The best part is the tasting room. They have like 60 different types of Coke products from all over the world. Some of them were good, and some were NOT. The very worst one is from Italy. Called Beverly.

If you google "Beverly Soda" there are some awesome youtube videos of people tasting it.

We went with another couple, Brent and Noelle Hollingsworth. Noelle said "It tastes like poison!" I made a horrible face and started scraping my tongue with my fingernails to try to get rid of the taste. Dave said he imagines that's what Prostate Cancer tastes like (HAHAHAHA!!). In conclusion, it was BAD. It was bbitter and acidic and attacked your tongue ("like the scrubbing bubbles on the cleanser commercials" was how Dave explained it). Noelle took a picture of my reaction, so I'll post the oh so unflattering pic as soon as I get it :)