Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something to Live For...

Dave's been working out of town a lot. The past two weeks, he was only here 2 days besides Sundays. It's been really hard to keep from going insane. But I finally have something to look forward to!! My family is coming to visit!

Daniel is on a senior trip to all the church history sites across the country. This weekend, he'll be in Nauvoo, so my family is going to meet him there. And meet me there! It's only 3 hours from St. Louis.

So my fam will leave Thursday night, and drive straight until Friday night. I'll meet them there. We'll hang out in Nauvoo and see Daniel on Saturday, go to Carthage jail on Sunday, then head back to St. Louis. Pedis for the girls, a baseball game, etc. It's gonna be great! Multiple days of being with people! Yay!

I love Nauvoo and my family. I can hardly wait!