Monday, August 13, 2012

Playing Catch-Up!

Has it really been over a year since I've blogged?? 
I'm sure there is NO ONE left reading this, 
but I have a new reason to blog. 
But before I get to that, 
I'll give the fast-forward version of the last year.

Living away from Dave was so hard! 
And at the end of the summer
I ended up losing my job anyway. 
The short version of that story is
that someone I worked with stole my cell phone. 
I was able to track it to their home,
and the police recovered it for me. 
Some new jerk-wad exec from the company
refused to fire the thief, so I left. 
The end.

After Dave came home, things got really exciting. 
We were looking around for a house
-- not urgently-- just looking. 
Well we found an incredible deal on a fantastic house
 and bought it! 
The process was a nightmare. 
Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. 
Our realtor said she'd never seen anything like it. 
Therefore, we will never move. Haha!

After about a month in the new house, 
we got the news we had been waiting a long time to get:
(thumb sucker, just liker her mom)

The joy only lasted about 5 minutes.
Then the "morning sickness" set it.
Deathly ill, 24/7 for 4 months.
I truly thought I was dying.
(Dave kept assuring me that I wasn't dying.
If I was, I'd be dead by now)
After losing 10+ lbs
 and 3 separate trips to the hospital for IV fluids,
I did eventually recover.
I was sick on and off for another 2 months 
(26 weeks total), but no longer bedridden.
Thank goodness!

And now (33 weeks)...
I feel much better.
I can't believe my body will be able to accomodate
 another 7 weeks of growing baby,
but I'll happily do it.*
Any 3rd trimester discomfort is still much better than
puking 5x a day!

We're in Little Rock, AR now 
(the first part of the summer we were in Memphis),
and looking forward to heading home soon!
We miss our house
and are anxious to get things ready for the baby.

And that, my friends, is why I returned to the blog:
For the baby.
I know I'll want to have a place to keep track of her life 
and our experiences as new parents.

(10 weeks----- 20 weeks----- 30 weeks)

*Dave's cousin and his wife were expecting a baby 2 weeks ahead of us. 
Due to complications, the baby came 6 weeks early. 
She was 4lbs, 2 oz. 
She's going to be fine, but it's been a rough road for them. 
That's why I say I'll happily carry my baby to full term. 
It's better than the alternative!


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! It is fun to hear about all of your fun new adventures. I want to see some pictures of this house of yours though! Good luck and congratulations!

  2. I couldn't believe it when I saw on my blog roll that you had updated! I hope your remaining seven weeks are uneventful. Before you and Dave know it, you will meet your beautiful baby girl.