Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My New Nephew!

Isn't he darling??
This is Jonas next to a picture of Nick (his dad) as a baby.
I can't get over how much they look alike!

I thought they should have named him Nickle Pickle Jr,
but they came up with a much better name:

Jonas Alvin August Bangerter

I love love love it!!

 Mama and baby are doing great. 
My parents were in South Africa
picking up Daniel when the baby came, 
so they don't know he's here! 
They're on their way now to meet him, 
but they think they're just going to see Gina at her house. 
Daniel doesn't even know Gina was pregnant! 
It's bound to be an awesome surprise! 
I wish I could be there!! 
(He also doesn't know I'm pregnant!)

20 hours (and counting!)
until we leave Little Rock and head home!

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  1. So much fun stuff going on in the Bangerter Family! Tell everyone hi from us!